Two new releases on SANCTUS PROPAGANDA

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA are proud to present two new upcoming releases.


MORDERCA are a new band from Poland that know how to blend best of death metal with d-beat and, as a result, they came up with something highly pleasurable to listen to, if Swedish style of playing metal and punk is up your street.

Recruiting from well-known Polish bands, which will go unsaid here, they deliver raw, fast and stenchy noise that deserves your attention. MORDERCA will definitely stir things up in the coming future.

30 minutes of music on a cassette tape that has their first and only demo recorded on both sides, so you don’t need to get off your butt every few minutes. The auto-reverse will do the job for you.

Out in April 2019. Limited edition.



Second album from post metal punks from Poland voices their yearning for what humanity has lost and forgotten along the way. The roots. It is a journey back to pre-civilisation era where trust was humanity’s only currency and butterflies never died…

“Saudade” comprises of 6 moody tracks that will take you around the world with tribal peoples from America, Kongo, Brazil and Australia. Expect acoustic instruments, raw and brutal sound as well as melancholic guitars and tribal drums. It’s getting more romantic…

CD also contains a bonus track recorded in 2018 for a benefit compilation “The Dreadful Symphonies”

Out in May 2019.

We will announce pre-orders for both titles very soon. Stay tunes and with MORDERCA you will need to act fast.

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