(review) NOVARUPTA – Disillusioned Fire


When the fire fades, the world is a canvas to paint with something new, using the ashes of what used to be.

I must say this line caught my attention, made me stop to think as well as obviously check out what NOVARUPTA is and who is behind the project. It’s Alex Stjernfeldt from The Moth Gatherer and Mr. Death. He is joined by his friends to form a collective, band, project, you name it, among whom is Jörgen Sandström (Krux, ex-Entombed, ex-Grave). So what does it sound like?

You can hear NOVARUPTA is fuelled by depression and frustration. It’s a sad record when it comes to the overall climate and moods it creates. You do hear a lot of AMENRA influences but let it not lead you astray. NOVARUPTA takes sadness, pain and hopelessness beyond AMENRA’s Church of RA.

It paints with ash the lightness and the darkness of your existence and the juxtaposition of these two images makes up NOVARUPTA. The balance between light guitars building the light background for what is going to happen moments later – a crushing gravel landing on your shoulders, erupting with fury and with no signals is mind blowing. Just like a volcano, which NOVARUPTA is actually, situated in Alaska Peninsula, being still active.

This record takes you on a journey into the world full of chaos, violence and exploitation and your delicate mind that has to cope with all that.

“Disillusioned Fire” is released on a DIY label, Suicide Records and is the first serious candidate to 2019 Records of the Year list for me.


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