SANCTUS PROPAGANDA operates outside the boundaries of mainstream world and was brought up to support and promote the DIY punk culture and music.  It is anti-fascist, pro animal rights and vegan lifestyle, human rights and earth liberation.  SANCTUS PROPAGANDA wants to spread the word of DIY punk ideas across the globe.

It aims at delivering DIY punk propaganda by posting up-to-date news, reviewing latest tape/record releases and interviewing bands and people who are worth talking to.

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA promotes both, well-known activities within the DIY punk scene as well as the new and fresh comers to the scene.  It will post any news and review any band that represents the values SANCTUS PROPAGANDA believes in and is about the DIY ethics.

It is run by one person related to the following bands from Poland: SANCTUS IUDA and ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH.  I hope you can be part of SANCTUS PROPAGANDA, too and post with me.  If you are interested – get in touch.

To send your news and releases for review please contact me at  Please note that I usually review the hard copy if your release makes it to a tape/record format.  I try not review music from youtube.  I want to support the releases and I want people to buy your releases.  Once you get in touch I will send you the snail mail address of SANCTUS PROPAGANDA to send your stuff for review.

Keep posting.