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SANCTUS PROPAGANDA operates outside the boundaries of mainstream world and was brought up to support and promote the DIY punk culture and music.  It is anti-fascist, pro animal rights and vegan lifestyle, human rights and earth liberation.

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA wants to spread the word of DIY punk ideas across the globe.  It aims at delivering DIY punk propaganda by posting up-to-date news, reviewing latest tape/record releases and interviewing bands and people who are worth talking to.

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA is a DIY punk record label releasing records by bands we like and a one-stop online shop for all the DIY propaganda.

Join the international conspiracy of DIY punk.

Spreading information is still necessary in the existence of the individual. We will publish any news you send us provided it is strictly related to the areas we mentioned above.

We are happy to review your releases as long as you send us the ready made record/tape.  We do respect and value digital files as they effortlessly transmit music over the wires and can be taken anywhere with us.  However, our mission is to support thousands of hard working DIY labels and bands across the globe and encourage people to buy their records. If you are a label or a band, do not hesitate to send us your releases.

We are happy to talk to you but at the same time reserve the right to choose individuals we want to interview in this section.

We usually sell our own releases here but if you’d like to trade your releases with us, feel free to ask.  We might be interested in taking some to our shop.  We are also interested in overseas labels so they can get appropriate recognition in Europe.

All your orders will be taken with the utmost care.  Orders are shipped once a week only, so please bear that in mind while placing your orders.  If you are in an urgent need, it is advisable that you write first.  To check shipping costs simply place items in the basket and go to checkout.  All shipment is registered and thoroughly packed for your and our peace of mind. We accept only PayPal payments for the time being.

Mailing list
If you do not want to miss on something important we have to say, you can drop your e-mail address into our mailing list and be sure we will never abuse it.  Expect an e-mail or two from us every now and then.  We are not spammers.

Do not look for privacy policy and terms of use here.  SANCRUS PROPAGANDA is 100% DIY punk ethics.  It says all you need to know about your privacy when visiting our site and buying from us.  We use linux, ssl, https, duckduckgo, vpn, pgp, rise up, do not use google and block location tracking, so we understand what privacy on the internet means.  Equally, we are not interested in yours.

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