“With the Polish Heritage & the Swedish D-beat in Our DNA” – Interview with Śmierć!

Śmierć is a hardcore punk from Stockholm whose name means ‘death’ in Polish. The band features ex-members of bands such as Idiot Ikon, Imperial Leather and Abductee SD, but their sound is very different from anything they’ve done before. At least when it comes to the lyrics, as Śmierć sing most of their songs in […]

“The putler`s death won’t change anything, that creature is just a reflection of his people” – Interview with Alexander from Good Guys Go Grind

I cannot find a words to describe the tragedy of the war in Ukraine. To be honest, it took me extremely long to start writing this paragraph. Yet, some people needs to be mentioned here for their musical passion and supportive hearts – one of them is Alexander Bilous, who is behind a well known […]

Razgruha: Less Bullshit Talking, More Action!

Formed in 2011, Sofia’s grindcore demolition squad called Razgruha have been among the most hardworking bands in Bulgaria’s DIY hardcore punk scene. Their latest release, a split tape/LP with Vile Species from Athens, Greece, has just been released through Kontingent Records. Today, we’re eager to share this new interview with Razgruha, talking about the band’s […]

“By keeping prices low in the West we are literally perpetuating poverty of working class people around the world”. Interview with Punk Ethics. Part 3/3

Welcome to the last part of our sweatshops special where we talk to Punk Ethics, who run the campaign Punks Against Sweatshops, about punk core ethics, ethically sourced t-shirts and prices in the punk scene. We do encourage you to read all three segments of the series here …Part One: The truth about sweatshops and […]