“The priority is workers solidarity and workers power”. Interview with No Sweat. Part 2/3

Here is the continuation of our series on sweatshops. We intend to present arguments why we think sourcing t-shirts from sweatshops in punk scene is against what punk has always been about and what should be done to change it. In Part 1 (link here) we discussed sweatshops: what they are and what they do, […]

“We felt that if people could meet animals that are normally considered food animals and see that they have personalities and need love and support just like any dog or cat would, then maybe they would leave them off their plates and embrace a vegan lifestyle”. Interview with Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland.

Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland has been active for the past four years and is an animal rights sanctuary based in the Clyde Valley, Scotland. It’s run by two people who believe that all animals, regardless their status in the lives of humans, deserve equal rights. We talked to Morag about the whole venture, everyday life […]


(originally interviewed by Organize and Arise in 2016) DROPDEAD…by far one of the most important socio/political bands of our time. Starting in 1991, the band has been blasting hardcore punk at the world with a fiercely militant message of animal liberation and human compassion. A subject that will forever be relevant and vital to the punk […]