“It’s been pretty sobering how our lyrics are still valid”. Interview with DISAFFECT.

Having played for just a few years back in the 90’s, DISAFFECT were super active and released 3 EPs, 2 LPs, not to mention the discography compilations, and toured Europe quite extensively. Through their activities and lyrics they have definitely left a mark on punks all over the world. 28 years since their first gigs […]

Interview with AGNOSY.


AGNOSY have been around for quite a few years now and since their third LP is out this year after almost 5 years of silence, we thought it is a good occasion  to talk to Chris about it and present situation in the band plus some plans.  Read on while you wait for the new […]

“I see a punk or hardcore kid and I identify with them and feel the same connection I did when I was 15”. Interview with Tom Rusnak.

Tom Rusnak

Tom Rusnak is a hardcore punk globetrotter actively co-creating names like RORSCHACH and AMBUSH but also having an episode in POSION IDEA. Perfect guy to talk about past and the bands in question. The interview was originally conducted for CHAOS IN MY HEAD zine #17.  Cheers to Kuba and Bocian for making it happen. SP: […]

“It’s about being informed, or even wanting to be informed”. Interview with ANTISECT.


Back in the day, ANTISECT were one of those bands you’d call now a game changer. From 1981 to 1987 having released just two records they set the course for many things to happen in punk and freedom fighting movements.  You could easily place “In Darkness There is No Choice” (1984) on your milestones-of-punk shelf […]