Sanctus Propaganda new releases in stock

Hello world! We thought we’d show you the very new releases we have in stock for you. Those of you who have subscribed to our mailing list already know this. So for those who don’t, here is a quick sum up. PROP 032 ZERO AGAIN – “A Deep Appreciation of Suffering” LPOne of the most […]

Two records from Poland to put your hands on in 2023.

NONSANTO, the grindcore punks from Wrocław are dropping their EP later this year. If you have seen them live you will know they don’t take prisoners on stage and play like fucking machines. One minute track after one minute track. Non stop, for about 30 minutes. Not every band can do that. After their brilliant […]

161 Fest #6 in Warsaw is coming

The 161 Fest #6 which we are an integral part of is happening on March 11 in Warsaw in Hydrozagadka. It’s a benefit festival for 161 Crew, Tactic Aid in Ukraine and Anarchist Black Cross Galicja. Bands on the bill are:Agnosy – crust punk, London https://agnosy.bandcamp.comThe Fiend – hardcore punk, Newcastle – hardcore, Bydgoszcz […]

Sanctus Propaganda new releases in 2023

2023 started busy for Sanctus Propaganda record label. First up, HOMOMILITIA We’re starting with the long awaited legendary first album from HOMOMILITIA, entitled “Your Body Your Choice”. It was originally released in 1996 and our 2023 version receives a lot of tweaks. We remastered it properly so it sounds the band had wanted it to […]

DISAFFECT LP and EP ready for pre-order

DISAFFECT formed in early 90’s and disbanded a few years later. Some members along with Sedition members, formed Scatha and Quarantine. They reformed in 2019 with original members Joe, Brian, Lynne and Billy and adding new members Lee from 36 Crazy Fist and Jim from Fleas and Lice they entered Dobra 12 Studio in Bialystok, […]