RETSU – s/t LP

Right, so the RETSU debut album is here. I mean, not out yet, but I’ve listened to it. Quite a few times actually, and I dig it a lot! And so should you! For those of you who missed the review of their demo and the interview with Scoot, RETSU was formed in 2022, so […]

RETSU demo review. Never Trust A Tory!

RETSU began in late 2022 with Scoot (guitar) and Alex (drums), and was later joined by Beatrice (vox) and Sam (bass) in early 2023. You might be familiar with RETSU, since we interviewed Scoot in January of this year. So, if you think their demo is strong enough, read the interview to learn what they’re […]

CRAM – Total Eco War reviewed

The Clandestine Revolutionary Anarchist Movement, or CRAM for short, is a new gang from Glasgow, and just glancing at the images (if you don’t recognise Sean’s hand you’re blind!), you know you won’t be disappointed. The band transports you back to the late 1980s/early 1990s, when UK punks were much more eager to experiment with […]

Dead Sky – demo review

DEAD SKY are a new entry on the crust punk map. Coming from Pittsburgh and featuring members of APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT, SUBMACHINE, ENDROPHOBIA, B-WARD, and INVALID, they may not make a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, but it’s always nice to hear that old geezers still want to do anything. Here’s their demo tape, recorded […]

Straight on View – Gotta Step Up – review

According to the current state of humanity’s knowledge on quantum physics, time travel is not possible (although time dilation is, but you don’t want me to get that nerdy). On the other hand, the history of science has showed us multiple times that with the increased knowledge, sometimes things seen as completely impossible turn out […]