Mortar – Fire and Steel CD

Mortar are a fairly new addition to the London all-out-punk-attack but the musicians are no amateurs and have earned their reputation for distorting the sound in quite a few other bands. If you were hungry for more d-beat, look no further than Mortar. This may sound to you like yet another d-beat band but they […]

CHÓJOZA – Depopulacja EP review

CHÓJOZA come from south west Poland and they are a bunch of young punks who decided to take matters into their own hands – they formed a band and named is precisely what it is like to live in Poland – totally fucked up! CHÓJOZA are a politically charged band singing about police and state […]

Katolik – demo review

Also known as @katolik666 on instagram and bandcamp they are a fairly new addition to the filthy South London scum. KATOLIK blend punk with noise and bdsm as their bandcamp hashtag states. We shall see what that is at their London gig November 22. In the meantime, get treated to a 6 song song full […]