SANCTUS PROPAGANDA is both, a worldwide collective of activist punks from different corners of the world whose mission is to keep it as alive and active as possible, and a record label based in Eastern Europe.

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA COLLECTIVE is a DIY non-profit worldwide collective of young and middle-aged (well…) punks who aim at bettering themselves and the world we all live in. We believe that educating individuals is the key to preserving what this world has achieved to give future generations hope for better life. We have been doing this individually for the past 40 years: respecting the earth, preserving past, caring for animals, and defending human rights on all levels. We are all accustomed to protesting against any form of oppression anywhere. We stand united and strong and we know how to have fun at the same time. Music has always been our weapon and we have been successfully using it to introduce change across the continents. Our mission is to educate, share and preserve. We hope you join us in preserving punk for future generations.

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Spreading information is still necessary in the existence of the individual, especially in the times of conspiracy theorists. We keep our eye open to what’s going on around where we live, both on social and musical level. But still we miss on things. We will publish any news you send us provided it is strictly related to the areas we mentioned above.


Sharing protest songs, promoting thoughts and igniting action has always been an integral part of DIY punk. We are happy to review your releases as long as you send us the ready made record/tape.  We do respect and value digital files as they effortlessly transmit music over the wires and can be taken anywhere with us.  However, our mission is to support thousands of hard working DIY labels and bands across the globe and encourage people to buy their records. If you are a label or a band, do not hesitate to send us your releases. If you write to info@sanctuspropaganda.com we will let you know where to send your releases nearest to your location. We are all scattered around the planet.

Educating ourselves is a lifelong process. It is never too late to learn how things work in today’s world. We cover all issues strictly related to human and animal rights, vegan lifestyle, earth liberation and internet security. If you think we should cover a topic or you would like to send us your article or column for publication, please do get in touch.

We are happy to talk to you but at the same time we reserve the right to choose individuals we want to interview in this section. Do write please.

How to contact us

Good old e-mail is the only way you can contact us. Write to info (at) sanctuspropaganda.com
If possible use PGP.

PGP Key ID: 76A44FC7DED9C245
PGP Key Fingerprint: 866C 58F9 5D54 F8E2 7C29 52FE 76A4 4FC7 DED9 C245

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Our link tree is here: https://linktr.ee/sanctuspropaganda

How to get SANCTUS PROPAGANDA releases

Our releases are distributed worldwide in:

Czech Republic by Phobia Records www.phobiarecords.net, PHR Records www.phr.cz, Insane Society Records www.insanesociety.net
Germany by Rawmantic Disasters www.rawmanticdisasters.blogspot.com, Refuse Records www.refusemusic.net, Ruin Nation www.ruinnation.org
France by perce-oreille www.perce-oreille.bandcamp.com, Deviance Records www.deviancerecords.com
Italy by Agipunk Records www.agipunk.com
Japan by Revenge Records www.revenge-records.com
Poland by Nic Records www.nic.ayz.pl, DIY Koło Records www.diykolorecords.bandcamp.com, 161 Crew Distro fb/161crewshop, Scream Records fb/screamrecords, Retkinia Records fb/retkiniarecords, Pasażer www.pasazer.pl, Silesian Blood facebook.com/SilesianBloodRecords
Spain by Carabrecol Records fb/carabrecol, The Little Jan’s Hammer www.thelittlejanshammerrec.bandcamp.com, Global Help Records www.globalhelprecords.com
Sweden by Halvfabrikat Records www.halvfabrikat.net, Cimex Records www.cimexrecords.com
UK by Urinal Vinyl www.urinalvinyl.com, Chaos Control www.chaoscontrol.uk, Vile Records
USA by SPHC Records www.sphcrecords.bandcamp.com, Organize & Arise www.organizeandarise.bigcartel.com

If you would like to distribute SANCTUS PROPAGANDA records, write to us and we will work something out.

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