” All art is political, whether it’s intentional or not” – Svarta Havet interview

There is something intriguing in a bands, that manage to keep DIY core, but at the same time show much expression when it comes to the music itself. Finnish Svarta Havet is one of those bands. Four lovely people from Turku can both deliver an excellent blend of post-hardcore, punk and black metal, as well […]

“I wanted to do one more project before I get too old. Making noise and traveling is what makes me happy, that’s it.” – Retsu interview

After we finished chatting Scoot asked me “do you know, that this is the first Retsu interview, that I’ve done?”. With that in mind, I’m super happy to show you a bit insight into new band formed by this legendary British musician. And I guess I don’t need to add – speaking with Scoot is […]