Straight on View – Gotta Step Up – review

According to the current state of humanity’s knowledge on quantum physics, time travel is not possible (although time dilation is, but you don’t want me to get that nerdy). On the other hand, the history of science has showed us multiple times that with the increased knowledge, sometimes things seen as completely impossible turn out […]

Non President – Strach CD

NON PRESIDENT went silent quite a while ago but managed to record a full length album called “Strach” (Fear) in 2022. This posthumous recording is now available from N.I.C. Records and DIY Koło Records. 10 fast crust punk songs with mad screaming vocals dealing with resistance, corporations, governments and humans rights. You get everything you’d […]

PI$$ER – Too Busy Eating Gruel … LP

Third album from PI$$ER already? What a pace! For those of you who are the closed minded d-beat freaks and missed it, PI$$ER is “sax d-beat for freaks”. If you put Bri Doom, Charlie Cimex and James Domestic in one band without giving it a second thought, you’d get another d-beat crusty punk classic. BUT, […]

No Humans – Split Peace LP

NO HUMANS come from Helsinki, Finland and “Split Peace” is their second release, following a 4 song “Human Rubble” EP, all of which actually ended up on the LP.Musically NO HUMANS draw upon anarcho punk style that seems to be making a proper come back to the scene, and “Split Peace” puts the band in […]