PROP 030 – LP
PROP 034 – CD

Two anarcho punk bands from the 90’s, Disaffect (Scotland) and Sanctus Iuda (Poland) returned to play and gig in 2019 and 2018 respectively and here they are on this split record playing 6 brand new tracks each. Both, LP and CD come with a 16-page booklet.

CD version comes with extra tracks from Disaffect latest EP “Blood Red Seas” and Sanctus Iuda two last EPs “Homo Hostility” and “Nie Bądź Bierny/DIY”.

Track list:
Disaffect – Into the Darkness
Disaffect – Profit from Pain
Disaffect – Stranglehold
Disaffect – The Forest
Disaffect – Keep It Political
Disaffect – Burned Out
Sanctus Iuda – Odmawiamy Klękania
Sanctus Iuda – Tylko Moje Własne Szczęście
Sanctus Iuda – Zatańcz Na Radiowozie
Sanctus Iuda – Nowy Różaniec
Sanctus Iuda – Będę Sączyć Jad
Sanctus Iuda – Wrażliwość