Monroe’s Mysterious Death – s/t 7″EP


The band started in 2012 and recorded a 3-way split album with Pokrak and Moaft, and a full length CD “Out of Power”, which they promoted on their tour in Poland. Comprising members of KMKZ and Orphanage Named Earth to name but a few, they are returning with a full impact and a stronger blow. 10 titleless songs in 10 minutes and 58 seconds give you the idea of what is coming. Fast, powerful and very energetic hardcore punk with spacious guitar sound and vocals make it a unique concept EP about the Poland-Belarus border crisis where the band resides. The record tells the story of people on the go in search of a better life, giving the listener a political background to the situation from various perspectives. The record comes with a beautifully illustrated 12-page booklet. Get this limited to 200 copies EP and immerse yourself in the sound, smell and dampness of north-east Poland.

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