Andy Lefton
Dedicated to the underground and having a better world we can build off of. Guitarist in War//Plague and FOTK, part time film maker, full time art director.

I run Fight For Your Mind records from France since the mid 90s as a zine and label. Played drums in Primitiv Bunko and guitar in a few others. I am a swimming instructor / lifeguard for a living and a scuba diving instructor occasionally. I contributed to zines such as Profane Existence and Sedition. Into anything close to anarcho punk, swedish hc, japanese hc, crust … Father of two, living close to the Swiss border, loving outdoors, swimming, nature, running, travelling, reading and anything that makes my and others life more positive …

Ian Glasper
Ian Glasper has been listening to punk since 1980, playing bass in punk bands since 1983, and writing about punk since 1985. Needless to say, he loves a bit of punk!

My name is Jay and I have Point of Interest zine since 1989. Since 1989, I have an active member of the Seattle punk scene, producing a zine, patches, buttons, t-shirts, putting on all age shows, distributing records, tapes, t-shirts from all over the world. I have always wanted to be a part of larger collective, because I have been of large family of punks, anarchists, and misfits for 30 years.

Jay Haos
I got involved in DIY punk scene in late 80’s and I was engaged in all sort of activities including local Animal Liberation Front, but probably the most noticeable were some bands that I played for, Guernica Y Luno, Silna Wola or Meinhof. I also did my own punk zine, Bunkier and collaborated with some other titles, like Chaos W Mojej Głowie.

Mittens XVX
Vegan Straight Edge punk, sci-fi nerd and hiking enthusiast. Founder and editor-in-chief of DIY Conspiracy webzine. Lover of vinyl, tapes and zines, hater of Spotify. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Steffi Antigen
This is Steffi, bassist, and singer from ANTIGEN (GER/CZ). Musically active in the punk scene for more than 20 years, initially in Germany. Since 2015 based in Prague, since 2016 also a crew member of Fear Fest. Already 10 years working as a sociologist in research, especially in the field of gender equality. I hate violence, capitalism, and oppression. That’s why I feel at home in the anarcho, crust, HC, and punk culture. Besides, I’m a passionate hobby photographer, graphic designer, and a big nature lover.

Takeshi Evolstak
This is Takeshi Evolstak from Japan. I sing in a crusty hardcore punk band called NŌ. I love Punk Rock since ’83, I also love Indian Curry (call me as Currycore Punks) and Cats (yes, All Cats Are Beautiful), and I hate various oppressions (you know what I mean???). Something else??? Oh, I’m a Professional Punk Listener! Cheers!

Fat, ugly and mean. Trapped somewhere between punk and metal scene. Member of Death Crusade and HIV, journalist-wannabe and proud father of world’s greatest dog (ex aequo with all other dogs on this planet). Deeply in love with low-budget horror films, football (the game, not the business) and cycling.

I used to sing for Sanctus Iuda in the 90’s, do a fanzine called Crust, a free newsletter called Free Punk and lots of gigs, tours and distro. In the new millennium I mostly teach English to teenagers filling gaps their parents left for me and I introduce them to ideas such as veganism, ecology and punk. I sing for Orphanage Named Earth and run Sanctus Propaganda label. I have three cats, I love biking, running and I drink beer and whisky.

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