“By keeping prices low in the West we are literally perpetuating poverty of working class people around the world”. Interview with Punk Ethics. Part 3/3

Welcome to the last part of our sweatshops special where we talk to Punk Ethics, who run the campaign Punks Against Sweatshops, about punk core ethics, ethically sourced t-shirts and prices in the punk scene. We do encourage you to read all three segments of the series here …Part One: The truth about sweatshops and […]

“The priority is workers solidarity and workers power”. Interview with No Sweat. Part 2/3

Here is the continuation of our series on sweatshops. We intend to present arguments why we think sourcing t-shirts from sweatshops in punk scene is against what punk has always been about and what should be done to change it. In Part 1 (link here) we discussed sweatshops: what they are and what they do, […]

The truth about sweatshops and their relation to the punk scene. Part 1/3

The first world’s got greedy, we’re consuming it allThe third world’s got hunger and military controlThis unequal balance is a master planOne gets rich from the other’s landThey’ve got it all worked outAnd we give our consent Chumbawamba, Invasion The background When Chumbawamba sang this verse of “Invasion” in 1986 on their first full length […]