Nefarious Artists … by Welly Artcore on Earth Island Books. Ian Glasper reviews.

Nefarious Artists: The Evolution and Art of the Punk Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave, Hardcore Punk and Alternative Rock Compilation Record, 1976 – 1989By Welly ArtcorePublished by Earth Island Books In his second book for Earth Island (the first being the brilliant US tour memoires of Chaos UK and Four Letter Word, ‘Directions to the Outskirts […]

YE.STEM – s/t CD

YE.STEM feature no less than three ex-members of legendary Polish hardcore band, Post Regiment, who were renowned for pushing the envelope when it came to uptempo melodic punk, so to say this debut album comes with high expectations is something of an understatement, especially as they’ve already whetted our appetites with a very promising EP […]

Directions To The Outskirts of Town – book review

‘Directions To The Outskirts of Town’ Welly Artcore Earth Island Books 316 pages An expanded version of the tour report that first appeared in # 10 of his brilliant zine, Artcore, Welly, the vocalist of (now defunct) Four Letter Word has at last deigned to regale us with the full account of what went down […]