(review) Hellkrusher / Visions Of War – split 7”

Hellkrusher/Visions of War

Time to play it and make up the time.  I obiously noticed the release of this 7 incher but I forgot to get hold of it, until now!  Released this year by Power It Up, this EP gives you two great crust bands. The legendary HELLKRUSHER deliver two tracks played in their thrash crust style […]



HELLO BASTARDS are a three piece collective band from London.  No bass guitar but you don’t care.  What you care about is they are vegan, staright edge and play hardcore.  Short, intense and very hardcore punk at its purest UK-style form.  The quality of the recording brings you back to the late 80’s, which is […]

(review) KRIGBLÅST – Dawn Of The Apocalypse CD

KRIGBLAST – Dawn Of The Apocalypse

The crust punkers from KRIGBLÅST kept us waiting 3 years for their second release and it was worth it.  Released on 8th September by Selfmadegod Records I just couldn’t review it the next day.  Instead, I was giving it a blast every fucking day, a few times a day.  I’ve already abused my copy of […]

(review) PHOBIA – Decades of Blastphemy CD


One day when you decide to have a cross in your house get yourself this PHOBIA CD.  It is a DIY cross.  It is a cross when you need a cross, it’s a brick when you need a brick.  But don’t throw it at your local nazi, you will loose four CDs.  Beautifully packaged into […]

“Never say never”. Interview with THE INSTIGATORS.


10 years passed between the very first INSTIGATORS release on Bluurg Tapes and the last one, the demo tape on Full Circle.  During this time, the band recorded 4 big and now legendary albums, toured Europe and America extensively, and was considered one of the most hard working bands in the DIY hardcore punk scene […]