Negative Impact – PLHC LP

Here is another fairly new creation, this time from Poland. 8-piece-boy-band with 5 vocalists, and they are all present on stage, which is quite a spectacle. The band consists of members of quite a number of more or less known bands: Minority, Avaria, Burning Sky, Good Lookin’ Out, Last Dayz, Traume, Shivers, Heavy Runner, Protein, […]

Guimauve – Azovstal 7″EP

A fairly new band from Paris that is definitely worth a mention. GUIMAVUE have a demo cassette on account and this self-released EP. Fast hardcore punk with tempo changes may remind you of various bands from across the globe. I have OHYDA in mind when I play this EP. A similar sound with spacious guitars […]

1981 – What Should We Do … 7″ EP

1981 have been around for more than 10 years now and those of you who are into peace / anarcho / whateveryouwanttocallit/somealsousethewordpop punk are surely familiar with those Finish punks. It’s no secret they take liberally from old Chumbawamba when they were deep into their anarcho peace punk sound, and this is fine because not […]

MØLD – Møld MC

If you’re detoxing, put away energy drinks or just need another addiction – here is MØLD from Wroclaw. A relentless slab of hardcore, interrupted by power violence with a discrete hint of Black Sabbath. All that to make you want to have a good day. 10 songs in less than 10 minutes and you’re fully […]

Manimal Dissonance – Catastrography CD

One of the most intriguing records I have heard for a long time.A trio of my local friends who have decided to play music that will not leave you indifferent. They play with everything they come across. Their name, the title of the record, the artwork taken from the 17th century etching, the sound, the […]