1981 – What Should We Do … 7″ EP

1981 have been around for more than 10 years now and those of you who are into peace / anarcho / whateveryouwanttocallit/somealsousethewordpop punk are surely familiar with those Finish punks. It’s no secret they take liberally from old Chumbawamba when they were deep into their anarcho peace punk sound, and this is fine because not […]

(review) V/A – X LAT ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIKU LIVE 2016/2017


ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIK is a 100% DIY punk festival that has been organised for the past 10 years in east part of Poland.  By DIY, I mean DIY – right in the middle of the forest, no sponsors, no stage barriers, no advertisements, non profit, BYOB two-day party attended by about 1000 punks from Europe.  […]