Glasper’s Burning Britain with a musical soundtrack on 4 CDs: UK82

Burning Britain

Those of you who have read the book called Burning Britain: The History of UK Punk 19801984 by Ian Glasper (interviewed here) know that this is the only well documented source of UK punk bands of the period.  And not only the ones that made it further than a demo, 5 gigs and perhaps an […]

“I have many strings to my bow”. Interview with Ian Glasper.

Warwound Ian OEF July 2016

Ian Glasper played in a dozen bands, played probably a thousand+ gigs, recorded a van of LPs, CDs and EPs and wrote four books on punk and hardcore in UK.  That kind of books when you read them you think that this is exactly what the punk world was missing – properly researched and put […]