1981 – What Should We Do … 7″ EP

1981 have been around for more than 10 years now and those of you who are into peace / anarcho / whateveryouwanttocallit/somealsousethewordpop punk are surely familiar with those Finish punks. It’s no secret they take liberally from old Chumbawamba when they were deep into their anarcho peace punk sound, and this is fine because not many bands play like that these days, and obviously, no-one minds.

1981 went silent since 2019 and they finally hit us with this two-song EP. Classic anarcho punk beats, beautiful dual voices singing lyrics on state oppression. You can’t ask for more and you don’t need more. Any kind of experiment will do this music bad, so don’t. The only problem I have with 1981 is that they always leave me unsatisfied. With 11 wee 7″s on account and NO LP in their discography is a crime!

Available directly from the band or good distros like Sanctus Propaganda.