Another Sanctus Propaganda Session on vinyl confirmed.

PROP 016 KMKZ – Sanctus Propaganda Sessions Vol. 2 LP Here is another Sanctus Propaganda Session recorded live at Dobra 12 Studio and another Polish punk band worth keeping an eye out for. KMKZ describe themselves as punk roller and they are spot on! With two albums on account, KMKZ mix their tracks in one […]


We are slowly and finally saying goodbye to the fucked up 2020 so it’s high time we let you know what we’re up to in 2021 as far as releases go. Here’s a full list of our plans and fingers crossed we can release all of those records and perhaps one or two more. As […]

ID – Twoja Twarz LP

There are a few good reasons to review this record here, 27 years after its original release in 1993. Primarily because SANCTUS PROPAGANDA is read by people around the globe who value Polish 80’s/90’s hardcore punk a lot, and they do collect records from this period. And this very record was re-released the way it […]