“World reclaimed by nature”. Interview with MORROW.


MORROW debuted with “Covenant of Teeth” album on Alerta Antifascista, Chaos Rural Records and Halo Of Flies in 2016.  You can’t ignore the fact that MORROW is yet another project of Alex and his friends (FALL OF EFRAFA, CARNIST, LIGHT BEARER) so you kind of know what to expect musically and visually.  But you may […]

(review) WAR//PLAGUE / WARWOUND – Forlorn split 7”


It’s a great little record, this.  Firstly because it features two great and very active bands and secondly because it is packed with lots of punk emotions, starting from sound and lyrics, finishing on a beautiful artwork done by Andy Lefton from W//P.  Now, this just proves that a white cover on a punk record […]

“We’re just reflecting darkness back at the listener”.  Interview with SURYA.


SURYA takes no shortcuts.  To reach their audience they use many methods but one: vocals.  No, you will not find lyrics in SURYA, at least on their latest release “Apocalypse A.D.”  Yet, they are challenging you with animal, earth and human liberation message.  I talked with band members, Bartek and Greg on guitars and Raquel […]

POZOGA attack from Dublin


POZOGA is a new band to come out of Dublin.  Consisting of four members from all over the world they play old school hardcore with great vocals.  Their mini demo on Bandcamp plays their own track and a cover by an old Basque band RIP. Check them out now, becasue we hear debut EP is […]

(review) SURYA – Apocalypse A.D. LP

SURYA - Apocalypse

If you ever wondered how a punk record sounds with no vocals in it, here you go – SURYA will show you.  But before we get there…SURYA are a four-piece from London who paint pictures with their music.  If you decide not to sing, you need to think of ways how to get your message […]