(review) ANCST/KING APATHY – split 12”EP

ANCST and KING APATHY meeting room.  Berlin 2017.

ANCST:  So, the split, what are we going to do?

KING APATHY:  Two songs each?

ANCST:  Yeah, why not?  One shorter and the other one longer?

KING APATHY: Sounds cool.  Like 3 minutes and 7 minutes?

ANCST:  Yep.  Let’s make sure both bands start one song with crazy drums.

KING APATHY:  Sorted.  

And this is exactly what you are going to hear.  Two songs from both bands, one 3-minute song and one 7-minute song.  Both bands start one song with a beautiful and crazy short drum intro.  Sounds like everything was planned, but I doubt it.  They went their way.  Although both bands play black metal, allegedly, they are punk bands.  You can tell that by reading the lyrics.  And this is full of melody.

Anyhow, expect a full mayhem of crust, metal and hardcore.  The short songs will deliver blast, the longer ones will give you time to reflect.  Fancy that?  I do.

Oh, neraly forgot!  There is one big drawback here!  Why two songs for each band only?  Come on, back to the meeting room.

Alerta Antifascista Records, Supreme Chaos Records

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