D.O.V.E – s/t LP

I’d been eagerly awaiting the release of this disc (by Grow Your Own Records over here) with much anticipation and boy I was not disappointed. It ticks every box. A big nod to anarcho sounds from days gone by perfectly capturing the ethos and feeling of the time. Not content with walking a well trodden path, D.O.V.E. (who are from Southern California and who previously went by the moniker of Headdress) have carved their own individual identity. Beautiful melodies with a poignant uplifting message, Brando’s guitar playing has a distinct sixties flavour and dare I say it surf-like quality. Sonically it’s really great. Katherine’s vocal performance is powerful yet soulful. Societal Life’s reggae beat is peppered with yelps that are reminiscent of Ari Up. They’re the whole package. 

The band are about to tour Stateside with Omega Tribe this April so please catch them if you can. 

Grow Your Own Records

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