IŁ-62 – Opuszczony Babilon LP

IŁ-62 is a Soviet long-haul passenger plane, world largest in its prime. IŁ-62 is also a Polish punk band formed in the second half of the 80’s in Warsaw and a band you may not be very familiar with. Primarily because they were not an obvious punk choice in crusty Poland in the band’s prime.

IŁ-62 demands a consummate ear, there is so much happening here. There are many layers to their music, each carefully designed to create a cacophony of punk sounds. Very experimental, moody, dark and momentarily psychodelic. Shouting vocals, child’s voices, tribal drums and hard to identify sounds add a lot to the poetic and sometimes political message.

I must confess I ignored the band and it’s so up my street. No regrets though, I can still make it up. A highly recommended record if you who like to sit down to listen only.

Nikt Nic Nie Wie