Nikt Nic Nie Wie releasing QUARANTINE discography album to mark the reunion.


We’ve been anticipating this news for months and here it is.   As you all know QUARANTINE are back for two gigs after 20+ years as we announced it here. This will be marked by the release of an exceptional compilation album called “Regressive Thoughts”.  Available on 140g and 180g (limited edition) black double vinyl […]

SANCTUS IUDA reunite for 3 gigs PLUS a bunch of records to be released.

Requiem for Kawakami

Punk band from Poland, SANCTUS IUDA,  are reuniting for three gigs this year. Expect to see them at: 161 FEST, 17 March, Warsaw along with some well-known Polish bands, incl. HERIDA PROFUNDA, EYE FOR AN EYE and more. ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIK, 29 June –  July, incl. DOOM, BOOZE&GLORY, LA FRACTION and many more DIY HARDCORE […]