Life Scars – Pęknięte Serca CD

Welcome to what I like to call squat punk. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because of Mushroom Attack/Fleas and Lice connotations that I get when listening to LIFE SCARS. Light guitars, thick sound. D-beat tempo and melody. Catchy tunes, brilliant choruses. A perfect blend to my ears. Melody in punk wins my heart and so does this record. Many of you are probably familiar with the band, and if you’re not, it is high time you were. It’s their third proper album, they also have a split LP on account as well as a live album and even a 4″ flexi.

“Pęknięte Serca”, which translates as “Broken Hearts”, is collection of nine fast and melodic punk songs with a very serious message. You learn a lot what it is like to live in Poland, where the band comes from. What sort of hell women and LGBTQ+ community have to go through. Or we get reminded that animals are still caged and trees cut down. An inspirational punk poetry without a duty of using complicated metaphors. Topped with their squatting anthem – “Brud i Brokat” (“Dirt and Glitter”), which is about how punk has saved the lives of all of us!

Catch LIFE SCARS on their tour when they promote the album, see the dates below. In the meantime, get this CD from the band or wait for the vinyl which is going to be released by a number of DIY punk collaborators: UP the PUNX Rec. (PL), D.I.Y Koło Records (PL), Hasiok Records (PL/GER), NUNCHAKUPUNK (FIN), Contraszt! rec. (GER) and DEVIANCE Records (FR) –