Mondo Podre – Necronomia de Subexistencia CD

MONDO PODRE are from Galicia, Spain and they’ve been around fro quite a while. Rarely do I get to hear a grind core band from Spain, so here it is. 14 tracks in 20 minutes but if you don’t count the last one that massacres your ears for about 4 minutes, the rest are short and fast. That’s what I like.

I’ve never been an expert on grind so I will just limit myself to giving you the facts I hear. Expect very fast tempos, two kinds of vocals, one being growl, and the other more of a screamo type, which is always a benefit for grind core. However, they do change their temp and you get some rest, which makes the whole listening a lot more pleasurable. The lyrics deal with the socio-political aspects and life in general which again makes it an interesting release if you’re a grind core type of punk.

It’s available on vinyl from Vinyl Minor_Obscur, Finte Platten, AAIP, I Don’t Give a Fuck and Colectivo Bilis and on CD from Colectivo Bilis.

Mondo Podre Bandcamp page: