Mortar – Fire and Steel CD

Mortar are a fairly new addition to the London all-out-punk-attack but the musicians are no amateurs and have earned their reputation for distorting the sound in quite a few other bands.

If you were hungry for more d-beat, look no further than Mortar. This may sound to you like yet another d-beat band but they are not. They are not called Dismortar, they have their original artwork, they have two guitars, they like heavy metal and they are not afraid to throw in some less expected solutions into their song writing. 8 songs, 7 of which are kept within the d-beat style and the last one, my personal favourite, “… To The End”, blends everything best by Discharge, Motorhead, Venom and Disfear. And it is a proper sing along hit! I can play it for hours on end.

Lyrically, they are not what you would call optimists. Emptiness, nothingness, void and annihilation are omnipresent but I know they can be a fun company to be in!

Released by Nikt Nic Nie Wie in Poland, and available in distros across the world.

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