Negative Impact – PLHC LP

Here is another fairly new creation, this time from Poland. 8-piece-boy-band with 5 vocalists, and they are all present on stage, which is quite a spectacle. The band consists of members of quite a number of more or less known bands: Minority, Avaria, Burning Sky, Good Lookin’ Out, Last Dayz, Traume, Shivers, Heavy Runner, Protein, Easy, Han Solo, Thug Life, Bloodstained, Fight Them All, Bane Of Mind, Wojna, Youth Forever, Disappointed, Snuff Out, Infuse, Proud, all playing different kinds of hardcore punk or metal.

NEGATIVE IMPACT play old school, fast hardcore I am such a big fan of, so I am enjoying the record A LOT. There are 8 tracks from their brand new material, and ten more from the demo. They are all very energetic, there is this typical NY hardcore vibe to them, they are sung in English and they are very sing-along as well, so what is there not to like.

Get the album on LP or CD directly from the label: Enigmatic Records.
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