PI$$ER – Too Busy Eating Gruel … LP

Third album from PI$$ER already? What a pace! For those of you who are the closed minded d-beat freaks and missed it, PI$$ER is “sax d-beat for freaks”. If you put Bri Doom, Charlie Cimex and James Domestic in one band without giving it a second thought, you’d get another d-beat crusty punk classic. BUT, why would you do that? Instead, sax it up, because why not. I don’t know why I am enjoying it so much. I just am and I cannot help it.

Saxophone, trumpet and electronics. They are all there, sometimes taking too much control over the music, sometimes keeping it to the minimum for d-beat to take over. And this album’s neat d-beat sound + vocals is the closest to DOOM so far.

Anyway, go and check it yourself. It’s quite a radical experience which I enjoy as a fun break from my usual noise!

Available from Scene Report Records.