Fancy DOOM cassette in a pizza box? We do!!!

783 Punx release DOOM – Corrupt Fucking System on a limited edition to 100 hand-numbered cassette tape which is in a pizza box AND comes with a lot of goodies. Who wouldn’t want that? “Sealed” 7 inch pizza box with all over artwork contains: backpatch with CFS artwork and text screenprinted on legendary Rozbrat Squat […]

HERIDA PROFUNDA/HELLBASTARD split to see daylight on TAPE.

  Tape collectors take notice.  After the LP ( available on picture disc) and the CD version, this 2015, now classic, release from HERIDA PROFUNDA and HELLBASTARD will be available on cassette from Nov 30th, 2019. Released in Asia by Tempang Records on black shell cassette tapes limited to 100 copies and in Europe by […]



HELLO BASTARDS are a three piece collective band from London.  No bass guitar but you don’t care.  What you care about is they are vegan, staright edge and play hardcore.  Short, intense and very hardcore punk at its purest UK-style form.  The quality of the recording brings you back to the late 80’s, which is […]