SPACESLUG – Leftovers + Reign Of The Orion CASS

SPACESLUG are from Warsaw and have got quite a few releases on account, two of which I have just listened to. “Reign Of The Orion” released in December 2019 and “Leftovers” in December 2020, both now available again on cassette tape thanks to Arcadian Industry. Never heard of SPACESLUG before and never knew what to […]

O.D.R.A. – Duhgör CD

If you like your metal sludgy here is an interesting competitor in the genre many of you might be familiar with. With many albums on account in their two-decade history, here is a CD EP on Arcadian Industry, a second release on the label. Those who follow O.D.R.A will notice their musical development throughout the […]

THE DOG – Avenge Us CD/12”EP/CASS

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau’s line brings me nicely to THE DOG’s newest release, “Avenge Us”, available in three formats on Arcadian Industry. THE DOG are searching for their own character and this record is the proof. Those of you […]