(review) ANTI HOSTILITY – “Sraj na system i wolnym badz” LP


It’s one of the most important records to come out of Polish DIY punk scene and it’s all on a very personal level for me. First of all, the people who recorded this album were or are good friends of mine. Mind you, some of them are no longer with us, hence the past tense. […]

(review) DEATH CRUSADE – Rakieta///Bomba CD

DEATH CRUSADE - Rakieta///Bomba

  DEATH CRUSADE have been around for almost three years now but their debut record saw daylight just moments ago.  Released on CD by the band themselves, on a highly limited to 50 copies cassette tape by Lärmo Records (gone already) as new trends dictate (popular on Discogs one day on your internet), and soon […]