DEVIATED INSTINCT’s new 12” EP up for pre-order.


  Six years after their last release on Profane Existence entitled “Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves”, DEVIATED INSTINCT are back with another release, this time out on Terminal Filth Records.  This is going to be a 12” EP pressed onto audiophile 180 gram black vinyl @ 45rpm for a full fat sound.  The […]

“I hate to restrict myself to one kind of work”. Interview with Rob Middleton.


Rob Middleton, or Mid, is known for both – playing in a great stenchcore act DEVIATED INSTNICT and providing great artwork for bands all over the world, which I’m sure you know very well.  Mid is still active in both spheres keepig himself very busy.  So let’s see what the creative side of his has […]