Deviated Instinct – Dance of the Plague Bearer 12”

The pioneers of stench crust punk are at it again! When their last record “Husk” 12” was released in 2018, they then played a couple of shows and I had a pleasure to see them play in London at that time. I was expecting DI to stick around for longer gig wise but no, they disappeared again. Looks like they were not wasting their time though. The “Husk” recording session contained a few oldies recorded again and here they are on DI’s yet another 12”, entitled “Dance of the Plague Bearer”. It has 5 tracks from their early era, from records such as “Rock’n’roll Conformity” or “Welcome to the orgy”, however I think some titles are changed, if I am not mistaken. With a much fresher sound but still the unmistakable metallic guitar sounds and guttural vocals this is quite a treat for those of you like me who got DI’s early recordings dubbed from UK.
The bands says they are working on their new stuff to mark another era for the band, so fingers crossed that DI are properly making stench punk back again!

Available from Terminal Filth.