Nic Śmiesznego – Nihil Novi CD

There we go … after years of no releases NIC ŚMIESZNEGO dropped their first one in May 2020, which we reviewed here, and two years later comes this one. They still keep their style of hardcore punk with a huge focus on lyrical content but this time allow themselves to experiment with their music more. […]

Nic Śmiesznego – Nihil Ridiculum CD review

This band has been neglected for so many years or they were hiding themselves from me and you in their rehearsal space. The latter is quite probable as they kicked off in 2003 and this is their first full album released by the collaboration of 4 DIY labels from Poland. Those of you who dig […]

YE.STEM – EP review

How many times have I listened to this? I dunno, but I have surely given them a proper Bandcamp “you’re being played fuck loads” badge. And I still do play them in a loop. This is by far THE BEST new melodic hardcore punk band from Poland. You get members of POST REGIMENT minus the […]

The limited edition PROP 022 up for pre-order.


We are proud to be releasing THE INSTIGATORS final chapter on vinyl and this record is now available for pre-order. Make sure you do not miss out on this limited edition opportunity. It took us a while to decide what to put on this album to properly say goodbye to UK’s most hardworking and active […]