DIGITAL NEGATIVE – Digital Negative EP

I do like some industrial electronic noise from time to time, especially when it’s packed with anger and good vocals. Like SONIC VIOLENCE, for instance. So when I heard DIGITAL NEGATIVE I was instantly taken in. Formed over the past year in quarantine, DIGITAL NEGATIVE is the new project from Richard Johnson (Drugs Of Faith, […]

(review) OHYDA – Koszmar LP

  Back to reviewing. Three new Polish records on the table today, let’s start with OHYDA. Formed around 2015 in Lublin, the band has released their second full length LP on La Vida Es Un Mus Records. They’ve already established themselves as a psycho industrial trans punk on their debut LP and continue to do […]

(review) MANTA BIROSTRIS – Cursed Eye of the Prophet CD

MANTA BIROSTRIS - Cursed Eye of the Prophet

When a release like this hits your mailbox you know that the world is a terrible place to live.  You know that the people who pull the strings are not to be trusted to say the least, and that they are beats.  Whether god exists, it’s up to you, but when you are faced with […]