Sanctus Propaganda new releases in stock

Hello world! We thought we’d show you the very new releases we have in stock for you. Those of you who have subscribed to our mailing list already know this. So for those who don’t, here is a quick sum up. PROP 032 ZERO AGAIN – “A Deep Appreciation of Suffering” LPOne of the most […]


SORROW are a Polish new band that revive what’s best in stench punk sound and tighten it withmetal and crust influences. Featuring members of Next Victim, Mind Pollution and DYYM they have all the credentials needed to deliver yet one of the best stench metal sounds you will have heard. Heavy guitars, ripping bass, and […]

SANCTUS PROPAGANDA 2022 release plan

There we go, an official announcement of SANCTUS PROPAGANDA releases for 2022 for you to enjoy. We do hope all goes as planned, as you can see we’re not exaggerating with the number of records this year. Records plants are jammed, pockets are empty. So we take it easy but add some oil to fire. […]

The limited edition PROP 022 up for pre-order.


We are proud to be releasing THE INSTIGATORS final chapter on vinyl and this record is now available for pre-order. Make sure you do not miss out on this limited edition opportunity. It took us a while to decide what to put on this album to properly say goodbye to UK’s most hardworking and active […]