DISAFFECT LP and EP ready for pre-order

DISAFFECT formed in early 90’s and disbanded a few years later. Some members along with Sedition members, formed Scatha and Quarantine. They reformed in 2019 with original members Joe, Brian, Lynne and Billy and adding new members Lee from 36 Crazy Fist and Jim from Fleas and Lice they entered Dobra 12 Studio in Bialystok, […]

TOXIC EPHEX are back and target Boris.

Hope you remember TOXIC EPHEX from Aberdeen Scotland, and their marvellous and only full-length record “The Adventures Of Nobby Porthole The Cock Of The North”.  Apart from the LP they also released a split LP with Oi Polloi “Mad As Fuck” and three 7″ EPs: “Punk As Fuck”, split with Shrapnel “Acts of Desperation” and […]



SUBVISION are from Scotland and are not that all new band, as they started releasing their music in 2014 and they are definitely my kind of punk. But let’s go back a bit. Their all releases are 100% DIY, all but one self-released: in 2014 on CD entitled “The Bones of Contention”, and two EPs […]