PROP 010 WARWOUND needs no introduction.  Comprising founding members of SACRILEGE, THE VARUKERS, HELLKRUSHER and DECADENCE WITHIN this band dates back to 1982 when d-beat punk was taking shape.  Today, almost 40 years later WARWOUND blend what’s best in metal and punk and come up with 15 angry punk songs with a heavy SACRILEGE guitar, […]


After PROP 008 HOMOMILITIA LP we skip PROP 009 (expect news soooooon) and head to PROP 010 to give you the last WARWOUND album ever, entitled WWIII.  Released on CD by SANCTUS PROPAGANDA and on vinyl by Vile Records.  This will be released as digipack in April and artwork is ready now.  We will let […]

“None of us are weekend punk rockers”. Interview with WARWOUND.


There is not much of an introduction needed for WARWOUND anymore.  It is no secret SANCTUS PROPAGANDA are die hard fans of the band, but who wouldn’t, when you get musicians of your favourite bands put together into one.  It was time to finally ask some questions to Damian, Stevie and Rat.  Enjoy. Note: the […]

(review) WARWOUND – Burning the Blindfolds of Bigots LP

WARWOUND_Burning the Blindfolds

People are what they are, You have to learn to accept that, And you have to learn to accept society’s rules, If you don’t follow the rules, bad things happen… Yeah, right.  What a load of bollocks.  And what a great way to open a great record.  WARWOUND prove they break the rules and make the rules at […]