“There’s always a cause that’s worth fighting for”. Interview with HELLKRUSHER.


They ain’t no fucking rock stars.  They ain’t no fucking rip off.  They care about what they do and they also care about you, too.  29 years have passed since the recording of their first record, called “Wasteland” and 29 years later they give you “Human Misery” released on Ruin Nation Records.  With numerous line-up […]

(review) PHRENETIX – Fear CD


Thrash metal on SANCTUS PROPAGANDA!  Yes!  And there are very good reasons for that.  PHRENETIX are a fairly young band operating within the frames of the DIY and underground thrash and punk scene and their approach to music and lifestyle suggests PHRENETIX is just more than music and headbanging. They come from Vilnius, Lithuania and […]