(review) WARWOUND – Burning the Blindfolds of Bigots LP

WARWOUND_Burning the Blindfolds

People are what they are, You have to learn to accept that, And you have to learn to accept society’s rules, If you don’t follow the rules, bad things happen… Yeah, right.  What a load of bollocks.  And what a great way to open a great record.  WARWOUND prove they break the rules and make the rules at […]

(review) WAR//PLAGUE / WARWOUND – Forlorn split 7”


It’s a great little record, this.  Firstly because it features two great and very active bands and secondly because it is packed with lots of punk emotions, starting from sound and lyrics, finishing on a beautiful artwork done by Andy Lefton from W//P.  Now, this just proves that a white cover on a punk record […]