CRAM – Total Eco War reviewed

The Clandestine Revolutionary Anarchist Movement, or CRAM for short, is a new gang from Glasgow, and just glancing at the images (if you don’t recognise Sean’s hand you’re blind!), you know you won’t be disappointed.

The band transports you back to the late 1980s/early 1990s, when UK punks were much more eager to experiment with various sounds, blending classic Rudi-style beats with a wee bit of electronics, strange noises, super short snotty and chaotic songs full of in-your-face messages, and then, bang! melodic electronic music. All extremely punk, with a serious no-fucking-around message. The filthy hip-hop song called AFA is already a fucking antifascist sing-along success, and the trance Heaven For Rats screws your brain up just right.

The album was essentially a one-man performance performed by Mark, the vocalist from Bloodshot, who invited a number of vocalists to shout and swear on this production. Brian Curran of Disaffect is on the list, as is Angus Quinn of Sedition, Bob Otis of Dropdead, and Jerry A of Poison Idea.

Rumour has it that CRAM is now a legitimate band, with more records on the way.
Mark, you’re a freaking legend!

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