RETSU demo review. Never Trust A Tory!

RETSU began in late 2022 with Scoot (guitar) and Alex (drums), and was later joined by Beatrice (vox) and Sam (bass) in early 2023. You might be familiar with RETSU, since we interviewed Scoot in January of this year. So, if you think their demo is strong enough, read the interview to learn what they’re up to.

RETSU members have previously played in bands such as The Masochists, TCCL, Mammoth Tank, Extinction Of Mankind, Doom, Hellkrusher, and Alehammer. This is immediately identifiable in their songs. A combination of Discharge, Broken Bones, Rudi, and others. Perhaps. Or maybe you hear something else.

The full-length album is on its way and will be released by the band, but in the meantime, we’re treated to a five-song demo. The garage punk feel, along with the only snare drum I can accept, haha, and very angry vocals, make this a superb punk demo from the island. There are quick and slow sections in there, and I must admit that I admire how UK bands are returning to the Rudimental approach, if you know what I mean.

50% of the proceeds from this release will be donated to charity, with the remaining 50% going toward the upkeep of their DIY practice space, so buy the demo on their Bandcamp website now.