Bełkot – Z Głębi Serca Nienawidzę

I usually tend to be sceptical every time I see a band coming out of nowhere and gaining instant popularity on an underground scene. It sets some expectations, and we all know that it’s not 100% about the quality of music that makes bands get more recognition. So was the case with Bełkot for me – for some reason, I didn’t check them out immediately when they started to be a new scene-thing here in Poland. Actually, the first time I’ve actually heard them was when we played together in Płock. And that gig was a blast !

The band’s studio debut is more than decent. Bełkot has tones of energy in their music and even there are some more surprising moments, it’s core is straightforward hardcore punk. We all know how it sounds. Compositions are simple and it’s not reinventing the wheel, but rather proving that there is no need to change something that’s working fine. What’s extraordinary here are the vocals. I really like how female high-pitched screams and male low tune roars go together there. Once again – it’s not something that we haven’t heard before, but it’s rare to hear it done at such a high level.

What really caught my attention is the production of this material. It sounds more like an oldschool thrash metal band than typical hardcore punk – which is good (I both like thrash and hearing something that sounds different than the rest of the bands within the same genre). Besides, Bełkot’s music has a lot of metal influences. Of course, they’re not disturbing the punk base, but serve as some additions to make music more interesting. And it works perfectly.

The lyrics are simple and angry. And it suits the music. Besides, sometimes there are just topics that don’t need any poetical descriptions, but rather a straightforward scream of anger. And believe me, Bełkot is angry as hell with nowadays world. I really like how the lyrics go together with the music, adding both intensity and catchiness.

Just to sum up – we have a really good album here. Maybe not generation-defining, groundbreaking piece of music, but something that will stand up strong for years. Bełkot done everything that should be done for a punk band on a top level, but at the same time they exceeded (a bit) and became much more than just a “checking-the-punk-tickboxes” band. “Z Głębi Serca Nienawidzę” is a solid album which sets up a high bar for a next release. When I heard Bełkot live for the first time, I was curious how their album will sound like. Now after I like it, I’m already being curious about the direction the band will take for the future releases. But for now – Bełkot, good job. Cheers.