RETSU – s/t LP

Right, so the RETSU debut album is here. I mean, not out yet, but I’ve listened to it. Quite a few times actually, and I dig it a lot! And so should you!

For those of you who missed the review of their demo and the interview with Scoot, RETSU was formed in 2022, so not along ago, by members of The Masochists, TCCL, Mammoth Tank, Extinction Of Mankind, Doom, Hellkrusher, and Alehammer. Quite the credentials.

RETSU play a massively well structured hardcore punk with a proper kick. The guitar sound is very heavy, the vocals are very angry and they make sure it’s not only fast and d-beat-ish. They do borrow heavily from Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke, hence my free connotation with Zero Again, but please – do not use it as a marker.

The album will see the light of day this year and will be released by the band themselves. Just like in the good old days. And guess what, we’ll stock it for you!